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Graduated from a Graphic Design School, I have always been an admirer of art. I discovered street art about 5 years ago thanks to Parisian artists like Invader, C215 and Le Diamantaire.

Having practised in many artistic fields for a few years (drawing, graffiti, molding, wood cutting …), I ended up focusing on mosaics. This medium is very interesting because the fewer tiles used, the more difficult it is to create a detailed shape. Each piece design becomes a challenge and encourages creativity.

Seeing the sadness of people because of COVID-19, I wanted to do something to make them smile again. I specialized in mosaic hearts to share happiness in the streets and I now define myself as a “Street Heartist”.

Técinka in front of the Duomo, Milan (Italy)

IT_4, Milan (Italy)

Before each installation, I take care of identifying the ideal place to create a heart that is in perfect harmony with the environment. As soon as I walk down the street, my eyes are drawn to every detail of the walls. When I find an interesting place, I take the opportunity to measure it.

Most of the time, I install hearts without authorization, so I have to be quick and discreet. On the other hand, when the installation proves difficult, I contact the owners of the premises to obtain their agreement to install a mosaic legally.

I don’t consider my work as vandalism. The objective is quite the contrary, to complete the street, to bring art for everyone, free of charge.

My project does not lead any political message, just happiness. Some of my installations take up emblems, monuments, or the colours of the cities where I install them. This allows them to better accompany the urban scenery. The goal is always the same: to give a smile to the passers-by.

I list all the hearts I install in the streets on a map, with their names, photos and dates of installation. However, it’s up to everyone to do their own research to try to find them! All my hearts have names in the form ISO 3166-1 alpha-2_. For example FR_53 is the 53rd piece I installed in France. When I post the picture of one of my hearts on Instagram, I take care to mark its name in the description. You can find some clues to locate them on the Map page.

FR_53, Lesches (France)